Friday, July 17, 2015

Tomorrow, I Quilt

My quilt studio is back to the point where I can do some sewing again.  Other than hand quilting, I haven't been able to stitch anything in a week.  The only other time I touched fabric was to get it back on the shelves.  Now, everything is completed.  Tomorrow I quilt.  To make it even more likely, my hubby is working.
I do have to paint the cabinet we use for storing groceries and that will need to be done outside.  Of course, there is the ever present house work that will have to be done as well but that shouldn't take long.
I am working on a quilt that is simply black and white blocks with red in the borders.  I find sometimes that simple can be quite dramatic and many of my favourite quilts contain only a couple of colours. 
I have had to set up a bit more lighting with the slightly changed layout.  The computer desk is at a right angle to one wall with the  sun room windows behind the back.  This is normally a very bright room so it is surprising how much of a difference one change can. 
Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend,

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