Tuesday, August 4, 2015

No Millions for Me Thanks.

I turned down the chance to receive 2 million dollars today.  The person who called assured me I had won and there would be a car arriving to take hubby and I to the bank of our choice to deposit the cheque.  They would take care of all the paper work for us.  Iftwas tax free expect for a $400.00 amount that had to be paid first.  I thought about it for a while and decided I really didn't want to change our lifestyle and having that much money would take away from the fun of doing things our self and taking joy in small blessings.
People must fall for these cons otherwise they wouldn't do it but really....
This is the quilt I am working on now.  I am just getting the sections laid out as make the blocks so I can see how it looks.  Some of them will have to be moved around but I am pleased with the over all look.  I will be writing up the pattern when I get it completed.
It is quite a bit cooler here today so I made some freezer jam and a loaf of our no wheat bread.  The berries for the jam came from our garden.  I need to get out and pick some more once everything dries up after the rain.


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