Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Armload of Beets

I am starting to put my fabric back onto the shelves now which is giving me an opportunity to toss what I am never going to need (until it is thrown out, of course).  I am  going to note down what I do need-besides more  money for fabric. I am also devising some sort of divider for between the fabric piles to keep them neater.  I have left over corrugated plastic which I think will work.  I was going to glue in some wood  dividers but I don't want them to be permanent.
The weather has taken a 10 degree drop here so it has been wonderful for working both inside and out.  I did some pruning and weeding of the garden. I loped down a lot of the overgrown area in the rock garden so the tiger lilies can be seen more clearly and cut down a lot of raspberry canes.  They are as bad as dandelions on an urban lawn here.  They pop up everywhere and it is a constant battle trying to keep them from taking over the flower beds.
While pulling weeds from one of the small gardens, I noticed some of the beets were getting to be a good size.  I started pulling and ended up with a huge armload.  The gardens are really doing well this year.  We have good sized tomatoes on some of the bushes, some of the  broccoli is almost ready to be picked and we are gathering raspberries and blue berries. 

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