Thursday, July 16, 2015

Medical Appointments, Patterns and Parks

A tiring day today.  We went to Huntsville for my medical appointment and to shop.  I was able to buy some extra shelves for my units for a dollar each as well as a few other odds and ends for the quilt room at equally good prices.
We didn't find any floor covering at a price I was willing to pay and forgot to look for ceiling tile.  Bought a few groceries to replenish the shelves and arrived home mid afternoon.  Our little Heidi went to the neighbour's for her spa treatment and she greeted us at the door looking like a little sweetie.
I have had a pattern bouncing around in my mind for a couple of days and worked it out in EQ.  When I get caught up with everything else, I will get it on paper.  I think this will be a foundation pieced pattern-or part of it, at least.
When I finished my appointment at the hospital, I went upstairs to see a friends mother who just had a hip replacement.  I hadn't met her previously but I wanted to drop off a couple of books both for her and my friend.  I had a nice, but short, visit with this very charming and gracious lady.  Don't tell her I said this, but I can see where my friend gets her personality.
Tomorrow, hubby and I are going to a local provincial park in our area.  It is free day and is a place we have been wanting to visit.  The predicted rain is not going to deter us.

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