Thursday, July 30, 2015

Recycled Plants

Our hot weather has lessened-only by five degrees but what a difference it makes.  There is also quite a good breeze which helps keep the air moving.  We have been puttering around getting this and that finished up.  I got some more five inch squares sewn together into 9 patch blocks.  I had to cut to cut some more from light fabric as most of the ones I have seem to be bright.
I have a top I want to get onto the frame but can't until I have the crib quilt I am working on finished. 
I had an odd item come in the mail today.  A friend sent me a few Rose of Sharon plants after I admired them in a photo.  They, apparently, grow much like lilacs so I am going to put them near those plants.  As they start growing shoots, I want to put some in other areas.  I love receiving other peoples excess plants and the majority of what I have in our garden came from this source.
I was able to pass on some of our tomato plants this year as we had them popping up everywhere.  In the fall, I will be gathering seeds from some of my plants and will pass them on to others.
Recycling at its best.

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