Friday, July 3, 2015

Unwelcome traffic

I have noticed that we are getting more traffic than usual on our road.  We are used to the weekends and summer days being busier as our seasonal residents return to their cottages but these vehicles are bigger and noisier.  There seems to be some logging happening further along to the south and the trucks with their heavy load and trailers are thundering back and forth.  Of course, it is a new sound and the dog barks every time one goes by. 
I know that commerce is necessary but when quarries, lumber operations etc. take place in a formerly quiet area, it is annoying.  I can only hope they will soon be finished.

On a more peaceful note, I went outside this morning and took some photos of the flowers.  This dew dampened rose is about to bloom.  I have more luck with roses here than I have anywhere else I've lived so am adding one each year.

A field of daisy's.  they are everywhere this year.

One of my miniature roses.  Love the colour on this one.

Gnomes at home.  We have the little folk all over the gardens.

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  1. I live on a bush road on the east side of Algonquin Park. When there is a logging operation down here there is a whole lot more dust in my house. Your roses are lovely. The bugs got mine while I was away. :(