Friday, July 24, 2015

Chipmunk Having Lunch.

I finished a top for a twin sized bed today and, once I finish my commissioned quilt, I will get this one in the frame to quilt.  I also got another top ready for the finished applique touches.  I am pleased that I have finally had the time to get back at my quilting.
It was such a pleasure being able to sew, listen to my music and feel the breeze coming through the open windows.  I took Heidi for our walk early so I was able to have the afternoon free.  The walk was at a brisker pace than I intended because the deer fly's were quite bad.  I hadn't used any bug spray on either myself or the dog so they were really annoying.  I did have my bug hat on which kept them off me although it didn't  stop them from flying around my head.  They seem to focus on heads for some reason and Heidi had quite a number buzzing around her.  I kept switching at them but they are persistent creatures.
Our raspberries are doing well this year but I am not sure how many we will be able to pick.  The birds and little fellows like this chipmunk also enjoy them.  He is obviously enjoying his lunch.

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