Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quilting Cook Book?

I am beginning to think I am not going to get have a full day of quilting for a while yet.  We got back from our shopping trip north in the mid afternoon and then I made some cereal for a friend who has been busy with some family concerns.
I seem to be getting more and more cooking jobs which I don't mind as I enjoy cooking but, of course, it does take time to do.  I have been half thinking of putting out a small cook book of some of my recipes.  Maybe I will combine it with some short quilting stories.  That will stay on the back of my mind for a bit.  What do you think of the idea?
One of the things I bought today was a fabric marker.  I got it at Michael's and it is a non toxic (great for baby quilts) permanent marker that comes in a number of colours.  It will be great for doing labels and adding touches to a quilt top.  It was under $7.00 which is cheaper than the ones you get at a quilt store.  A friend in our quilt group had purchased one and really liked it so I knew it would be okay.
I delivered the crib quilt to its new owner today as well.  They were really pleased with it and took some business cards to pass out to friends.

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