Friday, May 1, 2015


The weather continues to be phenomenal.  It is 21C today which is more like what we get nearer the end of May.  It is hard not to start planting my garden, get out summer clothes and assume that we won't get any more cold weather.  However, I have lived long enough to know we could get snow again. I am going to just enjoy each day which is always the best way to live.
I was a demonstrator at a Family Fun Art Fair last night.  I use the word demonstrator to describe my purpose rather than what I was able to do.  There was a circle of bongo type drums set in the middle of the room with two men playing them continuously.  They were, naturally (and as was the purpose) joined by children.  The noise was incredible to my sensitive ears.  I always carry ear plugs and I used them.  Of course, it was impossible to talk to anyone who might have been interested in quilting.
Despite that, it was a fun evening as I really enjoyed watching the young children and parents interacting.  My contact with children and young adults is minimal and I do miss seeing them be themselves.
Tomorrow, I have a craft sale to attend.  The weather will be good so I am hoping it will bring in a good crowd.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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