Thursday, May 14, 2015


I seem to have an 'every other day' allergy.  Yesterday, I felt so terrible I spent most of it laying down, today, however, I have been shopping and don't feel quite as bad.  I did talk to my pharmacist to make sure my self diagnosis was correct.  I didn't want to be taking something for allergies if I had a cold.  The good news is that I am good at diagnosing.  The bad news is that it is too late to take anything.  Any medication needs to be taken before the symptoms start.  So, I guess I just keep on doing what I am which includes something to ensure I get a good nights sleep.
We had a frost last night which, despite being covered, touched the tomatoes.  They still should be alright. though. 
Haven't done anything quilty today as shopping took us until mid afternoon.  Then everything had to be put away, tea made and drunk and here we are almost at supper time.  Perhaps I will be able to get the quilting finished on the bear quilt tonight.
We have a long holiday weekend here in Canada so the village will be busy.  I will be going in to get the mail tomorrow and then will stay home.

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