Thursday, April 30, 2015


I had a 9.15 appointment this morning for a CT scan.  We got to the hospital shortly after 9.00 and I was taken in right away.  Had the scan and was ready to leave by 9.15.  Nice to live in a smaller community even if I have to drive to another one for medical procedures.
After we got home, I planted more of my garden.  This is really early in the season for this year but we are experiencing near summer temperatures so I am taking advantage of it.  I will wait another week before doing the tomatoes though.
My hubby is outside working on the area where the new chicken coop will go.  It is going to be multi purpose as it will also house turkeys and one milk goat.  Despite 7 years of living in this rural area, I still find myself feeling bemused by it all.  Moving from a large city of a million people to somewhere with no mail delivery, garbage pick up, paved road or stores is quite a change.  We only have to drive 10 minutes for those amenities but it is still much different from everything being either at your front door or across the road.
I think it must be more of an adjustment to make the change in the opposite direction.  When I was still a child, we moved from the country to a village and I can still remember being awed by electric lights and non stop traffic going by our front door. It is a good thing I like change.  I have met people who still live in the same community where they were born and raised.  I confess to finding that bizarre.

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