Thursday, May 21, 2015

An Aussie Twin

Apparently, my company has a twin in Australia.  Quite by accident, I found a company there with the same name as mine although with a different bit after the dot.  I am dot net and they are dot  These two ladies have a nice store on Etsy and, especially if you are in the area, you might like to check it out. (arkangelcreations14)
We decided it was easier to coexist than worry about the duplication.
Just a reminder that I am giving away a booklet.  Check out yesterday's post for the details.
We have a large community event in our village on Sat. and I have been working on getting a few extra things in the Art Centre to sell.  I will be post a like to the Centre's site as soon as I get it operational.  Right now, it is a work in progress.
Looks as though we might be getting some rain.  It is quite overcast.
Hope to see your name popping up as someone who wants the little book.

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