Friday, May 29, 2015

Small Problems

It is getting a lot easier to stay inside now and quilt.  The mosquitoes have arrived and there are so many of them, I saw a group carry off a starling!
Last night, as I was coming home from Huntsville, and left the highway, I had to keep putting on my windshield washer I could remove the bug crud.  I am sure there were other small flying creatures beside the mosquitoes but they were in the majority.
I have been working on a new quilt from a Missouri Star video.  It is very quick and is basically five inch squares.  My plan had been to quilt a top but my machine keeps arguing with me and I don't have the patience to solve the problem that is causing the thread to keep breaking.  I will change the needle and, if that doesn't work, the thread.  If neither of those things are the solution, I will have to check for burs on the throat plate (am pretty sure it isn't that) or bits of thread caught somewhere. Usually one of those items are what causes most problems.
While both the bugs and malfunctioning machine is an irritation, they are nothing compared to what is happening in other areas of this country and the U.S.  This is the time of year when forest fires are such a problem in the northern parts of Canada.  Some have been started by lightning but the majority by human carelessness. One individual who believes he has the right to have a campfire despite all warnings can be deadly for all living beings human and otherwise, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight and devastate forests and personal belongings.
On the other end of the disaster scale is the floods in Texas.  Homes, roads and fields have been washed away.  People have drowned.  A dreadful situation which will take many months to overcome.
So, broken thread or flying insects are little to complain about.

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