Friday, May 15, 2015

We Are Already Here.

If you live in Canada you are enjoying a holiday weekend starting today.  If you live in an area that is a tourism destination, you are probably waiting for the weekend to be over.
The northbound traffic started on  Highway 400 early today and by the afternoon it  extended well into the other major routes including 11 which goes past our village.  It will be bumper to bumper throughout the evening and then start again in the morning as people make their way to cottages and campgrounds.  Even when I lived in urban areas, I was never part of this mass exodus.  If I did go away, it was somewhere against the flow but, usually, like this weekend, I preferred staying home.  This is particularly true now.  We are already at the place that thousands are trying to reach.  We will be here enjoying the peace and quiet, the water, the scenery and the fresh air just as we do every day.
We don't have to fight traffic, fill our gas tanks with fuel that has to be purchased at inflated long weekend rates,  risk our lives when those who are impatient, impaired or just self centered create dangerous situations. And, we don't have to turn around and do the reverse trip just a couple of days later.  I can understand why others do it but glad I don't have to.  I am already here.
Tomorrow, we will go into the village to pick up the mail and get something from the hardware store that I forgot to do today.  A neighbour is having a yard sale we will check out and that will be that.
I did get the quilting done on my bear appliqued quilt today and am now working on finished the binding.  I hope to get most of the quilt that is on my frame finished before Monday.
If you are one of the many who are on the roads, please be careful.  Trying to be somewhere a minute before someone else is not worth the very likely change you will be in a collision.
Happy Victoria Day Weekend,

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