Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Rushed Quilt

I have got quite a bit of quilting done today.  I have almost finished the quilt that was on my frame.  I have had to take it from the frame to remove some stitching and then need to turn it the opposite way so I can finish the one end.  It was starting to get to thick to be able to do the rows properly. 
I also got started on a rush baby quilt.  Mom is due in less than two weeks and the gifter would like it for them although a bit later would be alright.  Fortunately, I had a panel on hand that will do so just add a few border rows and it will be ready for quilting.  I usually like to quilt these tops by hand but there won't be any time to do that.

I only had a bit more quilting to do on my bear applique quilt (this one is being done by hand) and then I can get the binding done.

We had one of our rare sunsets last night.  We don't often see them here because of the trees but, once in a while one gets high enough to be visible.


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