Thursday, May 7, 2015

Will They Grow?

 I finished the binding on this quilt while watching the morning news.  It is 36 inches square and is designed to be either a table topper or a baby quilt.  The second photo gives a better idea of the colours and shows the quilting in the border.  The pink colour is more an old English rose shade but the others are accurate.  That isn't a thread on the left side but the thread holder from my serger.  I got lazy and didn't move things before taking the photo.
I almost have the pieced border of the bear quilt done.  That will go to the store that sells my products.  The quilt in the photo will probably end up at our local art centre.
Can you stand another day of me talking about how perfect the weather is?  I am expecting the bugs to be making their presence known any day now as they are starting to fly around but not bite.  I planted some annual flower seeds today that promise to grow anywhere and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  I don't do well with flower seeds so will see what happens.

I was just outside and the wind blew our big sun umbrella over and it cracked down on my head.  I've got a headache now so think I will lay down before supper.  My hubby is preparing the meal today so I can relax.

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