Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Redpolls aren't Common

We had a lovely pair of redpolls in our bird feeder this afternoon.  The proper name is Common Redpoll but the males lovely red crown and rosy breast looked more special than common to me.  They stayed there for quite a while feasting on the niger seeds and then departed to, I suspect, continue nest building work.
The trees along the driveway are sprouting leaves and there is a lot of green showing up amongst the maple treetops.  Our weather continues to be unseasonably warm and still, thank you Lord, bug free.  The trilliums are now in bloom and that usually is a forerunner to the blackflies but not yet.  So far.  Each day without them is a gift.
I am working on the bear quilt that I posted yesterday, adding the borders.  I want this to be a really colourful quilt so the borders are red and blue alternating squares.  There will be plain strips between the block borders to rest the eyes
I will post a photo when it is done.

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