Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shopping and Computer Games

I made the mistake of ordering some computer card games and it came this week.  I knew I shouldn't do it because I would be tied (against my will, of course) to my pc desk playing Curds and Whey, Triple Klondike, Kings and Queens etc.
We have this CD on the lap top but as it doesn't work anymore we have been missing out on our games.  I am going to have to try really hard to limit myself to only playing one game when I have other things to do.
Hubby and I drove to a nearby community this morning that has a couple of discount places and I was able to pick up a lovely doll as well as a couple of other things.  I like making clothing for dolls but try not to buy them unless they are special as we only have so much room
I bought stamps today so tomorrow I will get my cards ready to send off. I've already received some in the mail.  I want to tuck a photo into some of them and still haven't got the reprints done.  This means another trip to Huntsville but as Fabricland also has a really good sale I don't think I will complain too loudly.

We seemed to have missed the freezing rain that was predicted for this area or at least the roads were good when we went out.

I am going to take wee Heidi for a walk, hang some more bows along the driveway and then do some more work on a quilt top.  I decide to add another row as I don't want to have a border.  I made three blocks at quilt group on Monday so only need one more.  I am really pleased with the look of this top.  It is reminiscent of the ones made in earlier times because a lot of the fabric is reproduction civil war era.  I will, of course, post a photo when I have it done.
I have a couple of quilt patterns buzzing around in my head so I need to get them done.  One of them will be a freebie so keep an eye out for it.

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