Thursday, December 19, 2013

Peace on Earth

I really like this moose nativity.  It belongs to a friend and he collected the pieces a few at a time.  There is a little drummer boy moose sitting to the right and at the front of the stable building.  You can see it easier on the overhead photo which my friend was kind enough to send.  I went to the web page of the company (Blue Sky Carvings) and they have pages of things I love.  There is a bear nativity as well as one with chickens (be great for my husband).

I hope you are nearing the end of your preparations.  I have a few odds and ends to do but nothing much.  I am making a couple of Christmas wall hangings for next year.  For some reason, I tend to do my seasonal sewing during the season.

Wherever you are in getting things ready, try to find a few moments each day to stop and think why and what you are celebrating.  The birth of the Prince of Peace was, partly, to bring freedom of strife, frustration,  and worry to each of us.  Not something that is easy to grasp but, if we try, we can find it.

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