Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good News.

I have just sold one of my quilts.  I have to go into the village tomorrow and get an accurate postage cost and then it is off.  I am, of course, thrilled.  It is such an encouragement to have someone like your work enough to pay for it.
It has been snowing heavily here in the backwoods for the past few hours.  Yesterday, we had snow and strong winds so driving wasn't good.  I had a meeting in the evening but it was cancelled because of the weather.  I wasn't disappointed.

I finished my shopping today.  I had to go to Huntsville for an eye appointment so did everything else while I was there.  I have to get my eyes checked every 6 months because of a problem I had earlier in the year.  I always worry in case there is a bad report but everything was fine today. 
The drive down and back wasn't the best and made worse because my windshield wiper needed replacing.  I bought a new one but didn't want to put it on until I got home.  It is an easy enough process but, still...
It is nice to be back snug in our rural rug.  No meetings.  No schedule to meet.  Just my cozy quilt room and time.

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