Saturday, December 28, 2013

Learning Curve

I need a break.  I got a tablet for Christmas an am now trying to learn how to operate it.  Actually, dear hubby bought me an e reader which I had been saying I wanted.  Once I got it, however, I realized a tablet would do much more as well as still being able to upload (download?) books.
I have bought an Asus and I think I am going to be really pleased with it but, right now, I am going through another of those learning curves.  I am tempted to believe I am getting too old for this but as long as I have a functioning brain, I will soldier on.
I have taken my first photo with the camera and am pleased with that. So, baby steps, but in the correct direction.

We had a problem yesterday on our way to Huntsville to shop.  Our rear right wheel froze and wouldn't turn.  We dragged the car (fortunately the road was ice covered snow) to a friend who had a nice warm garage.  The men worked at thawing it out only to discover that wasn't the problem.  The brake pad had come loose and was causing the problem.  We have ordered a new pad but I am going to be calling the garage that did out brakes in the spring.  I am so thankful this didn't happen on the highway on Christmas day.

While we were at our friends, another couple arrived on their snow machine.  The women visited while the men did the same in the garage.  During the 'get to know you stage', I mentioned my quilting addiction.  The other lady asked for my web link, looked up the photos of my quilts and asked about a commission!  She is considering an appliqued wall hanging.  I am looking forward to doing this as it is a pattern I have been wanting to make.
I hope everyone is still in a peaceful post Christmas mood.  I am starting to think about undecorating but will leave it until at least New Year's.

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