Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nativities Galore

Window display.  Bottom nativity is over 50 years old.

Fabric Nativity on my stash shelf

Two of my favourite.  First Nations and tiny snowmen

Got the quilt sent off to my customer today.  I always feel pleased to have sold a quilt and sad to see one go.  Of course, I still have quite a few left so I don't have an empty nest yet. 
We are going out to a Christmas cantata tonight unless this snow fall gets worse.  It seems as though we are getting a winter's worth in one week.
Tomorrow, I plan on relaxing.  I may get the two vests that I have cut out finished but I may not.  I will take some more photos of my other nativity and post later.

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  1. Last year I was planning to buy all of my adult children a nativity for their homes. I managed to find ONE used one at Value Village. It was missing most of the moss from the roof of the hut, but we fixed that up. I found another one at a religious book store this year for another daughters family. This week I found a cute one online that will work out well for the daughter who has a tiny little home and a tiny little tree as it is a tree ornament. One more to find! Have you seen the knitting patterns for them? I bought one of the books last year when it went on sale after Christmas, but do you think I can find it! Hope to find it and make a couple of sets for NEXT Christmas.