Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Indeed

If you have been watching the news report today,  you will notice that Ontario is having some winter problems.  Strangely enough, it is all happening in the south.  Here in the backwoods it has been a normal winter.  We did get a bit of a storm on the weekend which made me wonder if I would be able to get to our quilt group Christmas gathering on Monday.  However, when the day arrived, the snowplows had cleared the road and our neighbour (wonderful man) had done our driveway so off I went.
Today, it is minus 13 although the wind chill has taken it below 20 celcius.  I am going to take Heidi for a walk later so I will have to make sure she has on her fleecy coat.
We put up our bird Christmas tree on the weekend.  My husband had done some clearing so we could see the pond a bit better and brought a nice spruce up to the house.  We stuck it in a snow bank and have decorated it with a few garlands and some bird treats-suet balls etc.
Our wood stove has been doing a wonderful job of keeping the house warm and it is nice to see the flames when the snow is swirling around outside.  We also have the fireplace video on on television which is rather odd but we like to hear the Christmas music that is being played.
We have had more people join this blog as followers.  Welcome.  I hope you enjoy reading about my life in the backwoods of Ontario.  I have been  posting a BOM on the 15th of each month so you may want to check back posts.  There are also mystery quilts, other patterns and some tips.

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  1. I am glad you're having a normal winter. I, however, am right in the middle of getting kicked in the teeth by old man winter this year. We are usually lucky if we have snow on the ground by Christmas. Right now, the snowbanks on the streets are so high you can't see if traffic is coming until you've pulled almost into the street.
    My son, is on his 4th snow day today with the forecast of another tomorrow!
    I'm feeling nostalgic about it all. We haven't had snow like this since 1977 - my senior year in high school!
    Neeka, our schnauzer LOVES it. She just flies out the door to play in the snow. The first day when the snow was fluffy - she disappeared! The fun part, as you know, is getting the ice balls off her fur when she comes in!