Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bah! Humbug!

All our lovely snow is gone.  It has rained for the past two days; quite heavily at times, and our yard is at spring time conditions.  It is wet and muddy.  I suppose it is a welcome reprieve for those who have not yet put up their Christmas lights or winterized their vehicles but I am disappointed.
Nevertheless, I soldier on.  I have a huge stew cooking on the wood stove and I am decorating the tree and house today.  When I look at all the totes my husband brought in and see that all of them are marked as containing Christmas decorations, it is a bit overwheleming.  Especially as I know that there are more of them waiting that containing the  nativity scenes I collect.
Decorating, as with life, starts with the first step so, as soon as I finish my tea and writing this, I shall remove lids and find the container that holds the balls, little sleighs, hand made things etc.  Once I get started it will be easy enough.  Our tree has the lights attached so that dreaded part no longer has to be done.
It will be wonderful to see all our treasures once again and I know the house will look lovely, if crowded.
I hope, no matter what the weather, you have started to feel the Christmas spirit.  There is only 24 days left!

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  1. Wow, that's backward!! Down in the south here, our rain finally quit this morning and we had some light snowfall finally! We've had so much rain it's crazy! It was 11C yesterday...way too warm. I had the window open last night for awhile in my sewing room as it was muggy inside!! We always get a real tree and leave it up til New Years so ours won't be going up until the 17th when Jake's finished teaching. But, we do have out outside lights up and that's quite cozy!