Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Photos

I took some photos of our little dog by the Christmas tree last night.  I have to laugh every time I look at them as she looks so sad. We often humiliate our pets, don't we and the poor souls try so hard to please us.  Dogs do anyway.  Cats, even my beloved and dearly missed, tascha, tend to be a bit more independant.
I also took some photos of a few of my nativity scenes.  I have been collecting them for a number of years and no longer have room to display them all.  Here are a few of the more unusual ones.

Poor Heidi

First nations


Stacking dolls

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  1. Happy New Year Anna!

    The most unusual nativity scene I've ever seen was penguins. It was in a lovely bookstore that we "discovered" just before it closed. :-(