Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec. BOM-Winter Storm

This block was designed in remembrance of the storm that stranded so many motiorists in southern Ontario.

You can use whatever colours you desire but my choice was predominately pale fabrics to represent the white out conditions that occured.  The deeper blue represents the passing of the storm and return to blue skies.

For the blue corners, cut a 6 7/8 square.  Cut the square in half diagonally
Cut 2 more squares the same size one from grey and the other from mauve.  Cut these in half diagonally.
Cut two 3 3/8 squares, one from grey and the other from the mauve and cut in half as before.
Sew a smaller grey triangle to a mauve.  Repeat with the remaining triangle.
Sew each of these pieces to the blue triangle
Sew a larger grey triangle to a mauve and repeat with the remaining triangles.
Using photo as a guide sew the four blocks together .


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