Friday, December 10, 2010

Poor Heidi

I often comment on how energetic our wee dog Heidi is.  Today is not one of those times.  I took her to the vet yesterday for her check up and needles and she has been acting like an elderly lady all morning.  She will soon be back to normal but it is a bit strange to see her just laying around.
I finished all the baking today and am just waiting for the bread to rise before popping it into the oven.  You would think that we would be having a nice home cooked meal tonight, wouldn't you, considering all the time I've been spending in the kitchen.  Nope.  Tonight it is pizza and last night it was redressed left overs. Fortunately, I have a very understanding husband.
I have started making some seat belt strap covers for gifts.  Yesterday, I took a quilt out of the frame so I could turn it around and do the side borders.  I have everything set up for smaller quilts so save room during this busy season so I have to do my quilts in two steps.  After the new year, I will put the extension back on and get back at doing some of my bigger tops.
Are you in an area that has been getting all the snow?
We have received a few inches.  I am sure we will get a lot more as the winter goes on.

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  1. Oh, yes. I am in the area that is getting LOTS of snow. My son had 3 snow days in a row this week. The mayor 'closed' the city Wednesday and urged employers to keep their staff home, so the crews could clean the streets.
    We got about a meter of snow over the last couple of days. 20 minutes north of here got 1.7 meters of snow. They're calling it 'snowmaggedon' in the press. Now that's a bit of overkill. I do agree though that we haven't seen this much snow in such a small time since the late '70's. That's when I was finishing high school. I got snowed in, in town and spent a night at a girl friend's house. The next year I was in college and had a week's work term in Toronto in February. When I went to buy my bus ticket to go home for the weekend, the clerk told me "I can sell you the ticket, but you won't get there. There is nothing moving between Waterloo and Windsor."
    Now those were storms worthy of snowmaggedon.