Friday, December 3, 2010


I have had a request for the Curry Pumpkin Soup recipe that I mentioned in a previous blog and  as there may be others who would like to try it, I thought I would post it today.
I have changed it slightly, doubling the ingredients.

Serves 4
3 tsps butter
4 1/2 tsp.  all purpose flour
3 tsps curry powder
2 c. vegtable broth
3 c. of pureed pumpkin
1/2 c plus 4 tbsp half and half cream (I used canned evaporated.
3 tsp. soy sauce
1 1/2 tsp. white sugar
Salt and pepper.

Melt butter in a large pot over medium heat.  Stir in flour and curry until smooth.  Cook, stirring, until mixture begins to bubble.  Gradually whisk in broth and cook until thickened.  Stir in pumpking and milk.  Season with soy, sugar, salt and pepper.  Bring just to a boil, then remove from heat.

A nourishing soup after  snowshoeing, shovelling the drive, cutting wood or for company.
I serve mine with home baked buns.
The original recipe came from and was submitted by Mary Ingram.


  1. Thanks for the recipe. I was going to ask too.

    I made your other cottage casserole recipe and we really enjoyed it too.


  2. I can't wait to try this one. Sounds yummy!