Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New year Minus Five (and a Pattern)

I hope you all had a memorable Christmas Day.  We spent ours with family which is, if you are able, always the best.
Today, I am starting to put the house back to pre-Christmas condition.  I will leave the tree and house decorations up until the new year but am storing wrapping paper, gift bags, cards etc.  A number of years ago, I made a simple draw string bag to hold all these things.  I added a pouch on the front to hold labels, ribbon and the smaller items. (Instructions at the bottom of the page.)  This year, I will note on my calendar that this is where I have put everything because I tend to forget.  I especially forget that I bought cards the previous year when they were on sale.
Yesterday, we went to town and did a bit of Boxing Day shopping.  I bought more gift bags and paper as well as some other odds and ends.  We got one of those digital photo frames so had to get a memory card.  (Didn't know there were differences and so bought the wrong one).
My husband bought me snowshoes so we are going for a walk this afternoon  and I can try them out.  Looking forward to being able to go for walks through the bush again.
I am going to do a bit of rearranging in my quilt room office as I need a place to put my growing pin cushion collection.  But, before I get into that, I am going to enjoy a cup of tea and look through some of the quilt things I received.

Christmas Storage Bag
This bag is washable and reusable for years.

1 piece fabric 40"  x 30"  (Size can be adjusted to suite needs)
1 piece fabric 10" x  15"
Small bit of velcro
Cord for drawstring.


Fold one long edge down 1/2" and then fold again and top stitch.
Fold this edge in half lengthwise and mark the center. 
Sew a small piece of velcro onto the seam at the center.
Fold large piece of fabric in half lengthwise (to make 40 x 15 piece)
Lightly press fold and open fabric.
Center smaller piece of fabric onto one side of the large piece and sew around three sides.  Leave side with velcro open.
Attach the other part of the velcro to the larger fabric so the two pieces meet.
Sew side and bottom of large fabric, right sides together. turn right side out.
Turn top eged down twice to make a tunnel for the drawstring. DO NOT SEW.  Press and unfold.  Make two small button holes approx. 1/2" apart just under the lowest fold.
Refold and sew making sure the seam is below the buttonholes.  Using buttonhole openings, thread cord through tunnel. Tie a knot on each end of the cord to prevent it from slipping back into the tunnel.

Note:  you can use velcro or a zipper to close the top instead of the drawstring.

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