Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Parade

Saturday was a lovely day for the Burk's Falls Christmas parade.  I am not sure how many entries there were but I am  there seemed to be more than last year.  It is always fun watching the children both in the parade and on the sidelines.  One little lad that was standing near me seemed to get more and more excited as each entry passed.  I am not sure if it was the anticipation of all the candy that was being handed out or the approach of Santa but he was in continual motion.
Our float didn't win anything this year but we all had fun. 
After the parade, we saw our participants back to their vehicles, unloaded the float and went home.  I left all the costumes in a couple of bins to be sorted and washed later and my husband and I sat down for a nice hot cup of chocolate.
Our parade may not be as grand as those in larger communities but it is still great.  Many people put in a lot of time and effort on their entries, the organization of the event and the judging.  Because those people are our friends and neighbours, there is a special feeling of community that isn't often experienced.
I am already making plans for next years float.  I  have been offered a large yellow bird.  Perhaps I can turn it into a donkey!!

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