Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baking Frenzy and a Quilting Tip

My husband has just left for the city to buy more baking supplies-oh, and to pick up his chainsaw.  I have been cooking all morning and there are still some things I want to do and I have run out of butter, eggs and parchment paper.
I discovered the wonder of lining cookies sheets with parchment paper some time ago and it has greatly reduced the burnt underside.  My husband is a bit disappointed, however, as he always got to have those cookies.
I have, so far, made approx. 2 dozen cookies, 3 mini Christmas cakes, and a pan of buttertart squares.  I have lemon squares (my personal favourite.  It uses conensed milk and I make my own) and chelsea buns to do when husband returns.
I really like the mini cakes to give as gifts and am in the process of changing and doubling the recipe.  When I see how it turns out, I will post it for you.  These cakes are cooked in the mini loaf pans and I like to make enough to freeze for later or to give as last minute gift.  Another plus, is that they don't have to be made weeks ahead which is good for me as I am not that organized.

A Quilting Tip

When I use sashing in my quilts, I always used to have problems lining up the vertical strips when assembling.  Here is how I solved the problem.
When you sew on a horizontal strip and before you press, mark the vertical strips placements on it.  With the horizontal strip still laying over the block row, (to which you just added the strip) take a pencil and mark where each of the vertical pieces are.  I put a mark at either side of each strip to make sure I am perfectly lined up.  You are marking on the unsewn side of the horizontal strip and your marks should dark enough to be visible but not extend beyond a 1/4 inch. (They will be hidden when you add the next row.)
It is now a simple matter to line up the vertical strips of the new block row when you sew it to the previous horizontal strip.
Repeat until all rows are added.

And now back to the baking.

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