Friday, December 17, 2010

Nothing Important Today

The title says it all; I can't think of anything interesting to share this morning so I guess I will just chatter.
And now that I have said that, I can't even think of anything to chatter about!
This reminds me of when I was a columnist for an Ontario newspaper.  I did a 500 word article each week and usually didn't have a problem coming up with a topic.  Once in a while, however, the creative cupboard came up empty.  When that happened, I would write about having nothing to write about.  It is amazing how you can go on about nothing for 500 words-great training for my political stint.
I have often noticed other columnists do this and it always makes me smile.  I am reminded of the quote (and at the moment I don't know who said it) 'he/she talked until they had something to say'.
Some writing instructors say that you should wait until inspiriation strikes before you sit at the keyboard.  Personally, I have found that knowing I had a deadline or a bill to pay did more for my creativity than waiting for a sudden thunderbolt.  Of course, most days I do have something that I hope will be interesting to share.  How can I not when I have a wonderfully cute dog, live surrounded by nature and have an interesting hobby.
I could have told you this morning how Heidi always skids to a stop when returning something I have thrown for her or how the snow is falling so gently that you are hardly aware of it.  I could also have mentioned the gifts I still have to make and the quilt that I am finishing but none of those topics seemed worthy of posting.  So, I hope you will forgive me today for just writing about nothing.  You can put it down to Christmas business although it is probably not the reason.
Have a great weekend.  Try not to wear yourself out getting the last of your shopping finished.

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