Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

The title of today's blog isn't the start of a Beethoven symphony but a reaction to something I did yesterday.  I try to take our little Westiepoo, Heidi for a walk every day and, although it was cold, Monday was no exception.  I put a fleecy vest over my indoor clothes, donned my warmest coat, boots and gloves and dressed Heidi in her little coat.  After stopping to fill the bird feeder, we headed for the trail that goes through our bush and into my sister's.  My husband has cleared a path through the trees that takes me on a circuitous route that leads back into our yard. 
He hadn't had time to pack it down after our recent snowfall but I didn't think of that as Heidi and I made our way to the path.  I hadn't gone very far before realizing it was going to be rough going.  The ATV tracks weren't very wide so it was hard to walk in them.  However, I kept moving.  Eventually the trail ended where my husband turned around to come back.  By now the snow was nearly to my knees (and I am tall) and Heidi was having problems.  I am not sure why I didn't turn back but for some reason I thought I should keep going to the driveway (unplowed)  on my sister's property.  The snow kept getting deeper.  I could only go a few steps before having to stop to catch my breath.  Heidi was doing her best to follow behind but, when I turned to check on her, I could see she was not doing well.  She was hiccuping (probably from swallowing snow) and trembling.  I picked her up and continued.  I was glad I brought my walking stick as that helped me keep my balance.
On I went stopping for longer periods and wondering if I was going to have a heart attack and collapse in the snow. Eventually, we got to the end of the driveway and onto the road.  Our neighbour was clearing his drive so I made my way to his steps and sat. Heidi normally goes crazy when she sees people but she just cuddled on my lap while I held her close to keep her warm.  Her hair was one mass of snowballs.
Our neighbour, who must have thought I was crazy, kept suggesting I go in their house but I insisted that I would be okay in a few minutes.  After catching my breath, we walked down the road and up our long driveway to the house.  My husband met me at the door as he had been wondering why I had been gone so long.  He removed the dog's leash and coat, I kicked off my boots, dropped my coat and collapsed on the couch.
It took me a bit before I started to feel somewhat normal again and then I had to put poor Heidi's legs into some warm water to remove the snow.
I will go for a walk again today but I think I will stick to the road.
I do have this month's BOM designed but will post tomorrow before going to town to do my shopping.
Stay warm and safe,

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