Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Surrounded by Beauty

Did you watch the lunar eclipse last night?  I woke up around 1 ish to go to the toilet and took a look outside.  The moon was just a sliver a sliver of light.  Earlier in the evening, however, before we went to bed it was shining in full glory.  We turned out the interior lights and stood at the east facing window for quite a while marvelling at how visible everything was.
In the city, if there was a full moon, it hardly made a difference in visibility because of all the street and security lights.  Here in the backwoods where the only illumination comes from the sky, it is quite wonderous.
We were treated to yet another marvellous sight this morning.  The tops of the tallest trees had been painted with frost and, as the sun came up, it added a glint of gold.  I grabbed my camera and went outside without a coat and took a number of photos.  I just kept pointing and clicking.  The photos don't really do justice to the beauty but it was quite a sight.
We got the other side of rural living later in the day when my son came for a visit and got stuck in our laneway.  It is a bit of a nasty drive and you have to be prepared for the slight curve that becomes a hill.  He wasn't and although he is a professional driver, he got stuck.  He and my husband are outside right now trying to get his van moving again.  I suspect the neighbour will have to come over with his tractor and pull him out.  Getting stuck, as fustrating as it can be,  is, to me, a small price to pay for living in such a wonderland.

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