Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was thinking this morning about how much fun words are.  I enjoy crosswords, anagrams and other word games as well as reading the dictionary.  (I know, hard to believe that I have such an exciting life.) A few years ago, I bought a dictionary of strange words which, along with my various books of quotes, can keep me entertained for hours.
I also collect collectives, that is, the name for groups of things.  You know, of course, that a group of cows are a herd, numerous sheep are a flock but did you know that a gathering of squirrels is a dray or alligators come in congregations.  More than one jellyfish is a smack and leopards are a leap which is one of the few that makes sense.
When I am bored, I like to make up collectives.  A group of puppies is a wiggle or cuddle, cats are a curiosity, a gathering of elderly men is a complaint or college depending on their personality. Okay,okay,-equal rights- a gathering of elderly women is a gossip or, again, a college. A group of quilters have been given many names; a bee, piecemakers etc. but I think they should be called comforters.

Speaking of quilts, the wall hanging above is one of the patterns that was in the book I was writing.  I think I am now going to sell them seperately.   This hanging is approximately 30" X 40" but can easily made bigger or smaller.  It is a great gift for a coffee drinker and can be made in just a few hours.
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