Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post Olympics

It seems that Canada came to a standstill while the games were on.  They were the topic of conversation both at quilt group yesterday and a volunteer appreciation dinner last night.  I wonder how much the countries productivity dropped.
I am now trying to get my housework caught up as well as finishing the last bits of getting my computer back to pre-crash days. I better get at it as the weather here is showing definate signs of spring which means maple syrup making and getting the garden ready for planting. 
I have a number of quilting projects to finish before then and really must decide what I am going to do about the quilt book I was writing that has largely disappeared into cyberspace.  I just hate the idea of starting over but perhaps I will get inspired once again.
We have a new member join this blog.  Welcome and I hope you find it helps your day along.
I am hoping to have another free quilt pattern soon as well as something else that has been stewing around in my brain.
On May 28th,  we will have been in our backwoods home for two years.  We have accomplished a lot in that time: turned a bush into a home and a city person to a lover of the country. To quote a comedian I used to watch" who da thunk it"

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