Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the Road Again

Sorry about all the typos yesterday.  I usually do a better job of catching them before posting the blog.  This is allergy season for me and my fingers and brain aren't working in conjunction with each other. Or at least not as well as they do usually.
Yesterday, my husband and I went to Huntsville to do some banking and grocery shopping.  Today, I am giving a friend a ride to a doctor's appointment so am hitting the fabric store.  Tomorrow, I have planned a trip northward to get the dog groomed and visit a friend.  Can we say 'tax return time' boys and girls.
It is always nice to have those few extra dollars to catch up on our purchases.
I am waiting for a couple of parcels to arrive.  One contains the extension table for my sewing machine and the other has my foundation piecing paper.  As soon as everything is here, I can finish the two quilt orders I have started and then get at the last one.  I like to get all my quilt stuff caught up before summer as I am outside more and quilting less.
Hope you are enjoying the early spring.

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