Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sounds of Spring

For many people, the sound of spring is the song of returning birds.  One morning you go outside and realize you hear a sound that had been absent throughout the cold snowy months. 
When my husband sees the sap drip, he knows that winter is over.  The roar of motorcycles on area highways is also another indication.
I, however, create my own sound of spring.  It is the squeak of my clothesline as I hang out my laundry.  Today is my first day of spring.  I am just hanging out the sheets today but it shouldn't be long before I can fill the line.  I am almost tempted to rewash all the bed covers and hang them out just so I can hurry  the wonderful smell of freshness into the house. 
I have already started cleaning the inside of my windows and will do the outside when the ground is dryer.  I notice that I have some shoots a good few inches above ground in the various flower beds.
Snow is predicted for this weekend but, regardless of weather, spring is here.  My clothesline has proclaimed it!

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