Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have done all my running around for a bit.  Today, our little dog got her spring grooming while I visited a friend who has been ill.  I also went to a small craft store in that community and got the wool I needed for my husband's vest and some fabric for my paperpieced birds.
I still have to get my hair done and buy some bits and pieces but that can wait a few days.
Our weather is still unseasonable warm.  So much so that the sap has quite running.  However, we have already gathered a lot so that isn't a problem.  My husband and I went out after supper last night and emptied the bottles into the large container.  Just a small thing but it is nice to do something like that together.  I got to do the trees near the lane while he tromped through the snow to the ones further back.  It is a good workout pulling your feet from a two foot sink into the snow  every time you take a step.  Maybe we can advertise our backwoods as a fat burning retreat next year. Next week, the boiling process begins.
It is mild enough that we have let our wood stove go out.  We will start it in the late afternoon and keep it going for the night.  I am sure we will have another cool spell but this is nice while it lasts.
The downside is all the mud.  We are going to get a couple loads of gravel in as I hate trying to get to the car without sinking ankle deep into muck.   Spring is definately not my favourite season although I am looking forward to being able to hang the clothes on the line again. Just one endless stream of excitement here in the backwoods!

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