Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A reader asked me to share a photo of my gnome family and this picture, taken last year, shows a few of the less shy.
You can just see Norbut and his wife, Jolene in the background.  There is a hole between the rocks right there so they can duck out of sight if need be.
Willy is busy gathering mushrooms to provide shade for the babies and there are a few other workers hiding amongst the weeds.
They all should be coming out of hibernation soon so I will see if I can't get another picture.  They have gotten used to my husband and I but aren't too sure of our Heidi who has a tendancy to want to play with anything that moves.  This can be rather disconcerting when you are only a few inches high. By the way, the rock you can see in the foreground, is coral.  It was taken from a farmer's field in Alberta, miles from any ocean or large body of water.  There was quite a large section of coral in the area which is another indication of how our world has changed over the years.

I read something yesterday that caused me to smile.  A quilt book author was sharing the fact that quilting is constantly on her mind especially when she is trying to go to sleep-familiar situation.  She said that if she has trouble sleeping she will visualize her sewing machine needle going through the fabric.  Why count sheep, she said, when you can count stitches.  Definately a quilt addict.
I am just finishing a quilt as you go blanket and will share the instructions with you later in the week.  This is truly a quilt as you go-no handstitching at all except for the binding.

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  1. Anna - I truly enjoy reading your blog. Sometimes it is as if you are writing about my life as in a lot of ways our lives are very similar. Your blog is one of the first things I check out when I get on the computer in the morning. I love your gnome family - thank you for posting the picture and hopefully you can coax them out in the open to get another shot this year! Lori S.