Thursday, March 25, 2010


It seems that nearly every Thursday sees us in Huntsville shopping.  Today, we returned the printer, bought a new office chair and a quilt frame plus, of course, fabric.  I always take advantage of the 50% off sales to stock up on the basics as well as whatever is needed for a project.  This time I bought black thread, batting and a few meters of fabric.
Now that we are home, we have assembled the chair and, once the blog is done, I have to wash the fabric.  I am so thankful I have an understanding husband.  He not only had to cart my supplies and assemble the chair but did so without complaint.
Our sun is still shining although the weather is cooler.  It is supposed to get even cooler and rainy but will get warm again next week.  We have already had grass and other fires to the south of us so some rain will be welcome.  I do hope we don't get another rainy summer though.  The past two years have been wet and cool.  I don't mind but it is hard on those who depend on tourists.  Still, we get what we get.
I am really going to have to get myself together and post another free pattern.  Next week?  I will really try.

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