Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Howling Dogs

We, like most of Canada, have had an early spring.  Because of that, the bears and other animals have already come out of hibernation.  We have had sow and cub sightings a week ago.  Unfortunately for the animals, their buffets haven't arrived yet.  Grasses, fruit, seeds and saplings won't appear for a bit so human sources of food are more attractive.  I like to refill my bird feeders as the spring flocks arrive but I know they could be a target for a hungry or lazy bear.  We are always careful with our garbage as is anyone who lives in the area but the dump is a big attraction.
When you live in a rural area you have to be aware of the habits of the first inhabitants.  It is rare that anyone is bothered unless they have been doing something they shouldn't.  However, when your dog howls late at night, you know that you might be receiving a noctornal visitor.
Our Heidi tends to be a yappy dog, warning us of falling leaves, passing squirrels or neighbours that are driving past.  She doesn't usually bark at night however,(she gets a stern repremand) but she did yesterday.  Between 10 and midnight, she gave a couple of quick barks but then she started to howl.  It looks cute when she does that, rather like a child dressed up in Mom's clothes, but it is an eerie sound, nontheless.  My husband checked but didn't see anything.  He said the neighbouring dogs were also sounding so something was wandering around.
I will take her into the village for her walk today. 

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