Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Everything Old is New

I've said this before but will repeat it anyway: one of the things I really enjoy aobut quilting is that there is always something new to learn.  I recently discovered that there are often old things you can re-learn.
I have had the Quilt Pro program for a long time.  I used it to design my first quilt pattern.  However, I found it to be quite limiting so when I got Electric Quilt, I didn't use QP anymore.  Fast forward about 18 months and, here I am using the old program again.
One of the ladies in an on line group has recently been sharing her experiences as she works her way through the QP handbook.  She, also, had had the program for some time and then quite using it.  As a result of someone else saying that she was going to learn QP, Kay decided she would do the same.  And now, I am following their steps.
I have already learnt how to name files and will now go on to importing fabrics.  As you can see, I don't actually follow the steps but jump around to what I am interested in.  This is probably why I never, completely, learn a program.
I cannot say enough in support on on line groups.  They are a 24 hour support system.  Many group members do not get the full benefit of belonging as their participation is limited.  As with everything else, you get what you give.  I don't participate in all the challenges or exchanges but try to give feedback and post something at least once a day.
I would not have been inspired to go back to my old program if I hadn't read what others were doing.  Likewise, I would not have got into paperpiecing were it not for group members sharing photos and experiences.
If you don't belong to an on line group, consider joining one.  There are groups for every interest.  If you do belong to one, challenge yourself to increase your input.  You will benefit and so will everyone else.

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