Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Down it Fell

My husband takes his forestry duties very seriously.  If there is a dead tree, it comes down.  Some are left for the birds but the rest are dropped to allow for new growth and to supply our firewood.  Roger is very safety concious and doesn't do any chainsaw work unless I am here.
On Saturday afternoon, he was working on a large tree that had been dropping dead branches and possing a safety hazard.  I was in the house trying to get my printer installed  and listening for anything that might indicate a problem.
All of a sudden, I heard a tremendous crash and then silence.  Out I dashed and yelled to see if he was alright.  Yes, he replied but the clothesline wasn't.  The tree was taller than he thought and it took out the lline, the pole supporting it and my stand that was attached to the pole.  Clothespins, of course, were scattered across the yard. 
It was a good thing the tree fell the way it did or it could have hit the house.  The other good thing was that I needed the stand moved anyway as it was in a slightly awkward place.
Just one exciting day after another.

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