Friday, March 26, 2010

The Gnome Forest

When Roger and I bought our property, I began thinking of a suitable name.  I considered all the obvious-Maple Bush, something Ridge or Hill,  a location related name such as Backwoods Acres but nothing seemed to be right or one that we both liked.  We finally decided on 'The Gnome Forest'.
We started collecting garden gnomes in Edmonton and then bought a large one, Norbut, to accompany Roger as we moved to Ontario.  We have since added to the collection thanks to friends and the little creatures are distrubuted through the gardens, tucked under rocks, and behind trees.  We even have a  female gnome.  They are much shyer than their male counterparts and harder to find.
It is one of my spring duties to take all the gnomes from their winter hibernation and place them, once again, around the property. Those with rakes or wheelbarrows are placed in the flower garden.  The older ones find themselves next to a handy mushroom or hole in a stump.  We have a birdhouse that looks like an outhouse so that is located in a convenient spot on the ground for emergency use.
It is a lot of fun setting this all up and I usually try to keep track of where they all are so visiting children can have a gnome hunt.
I must give credit to the idea for this to a place Roger and I visited on our honeymoon.  It is called the Enchanted Forest.  It is in B.C. and consists of a wooded area with trails that wander past a number of hand crafted, folk art  sculptures.  We thought the place was wonderful and, in a small way, have created a similiar one of our own.

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