Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maple Syrup and Woodpeckers

This is our maple syrup operation.  Pretty crude but you should have seen last year's.  This is near the back of our property close to the pond.  Most of the area you can see belongs to our neighbour.  The sap has been running really well and Roger has been busy gathering and boiling.  My job is to provide mugs of tea and food.
This morning another spring sound echoed through the bush.  A woodpecker was pounding at a tree and I could hear it over the radio and computer.  They certainly do have a specialized head to not only be able to break through the bark of a tree but to keep their brain protected from the thudding.  You would think it would get concusion or, at least, a headache.
Roger heard a flock of geese yesterday.  We do get some on our pond but it is still froze over so they would have had to seek a landing spot elsewhere.  Once the pond thaws, our loon should arrive.
Today is, of course, St. Patrick's Day.  My father's family a few generations back, came from Ireland which is probably were I got my love of the bagpipes. Enjoy your day whatever your heritage.

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