Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rainy Day

We are getting a nice rain today; in fact, it has been coming down since yesterday evening. I call it a 'nice' rain because I have always believed it is important that the ground gets a good soaking before it freezes. I am not sure from where I get that belief because I am not a gardener but I do believe it. Of course, the flip side is that I won't be able to take the last photo I need before sending my article into the quilt magazine. I would like to get one of me beside the Burk's Falls welcome sign. Perhaps later today.
In the meantime, I have tidied up the kitchen and am thinking about doing some sewing. I have been making a mental list of things I want to make for the craft sale. I probably won't do half of them but it is always nice to have a list.
I am thinking about adding some links to my blog page. They would be for some of my favourite web sites. Will have to think about it. I am just learning how to manage what I am doing especially with the photos. Everything is a learning curve.
Tomorrow, I am going to tell you about my neighbours and how fortunate we are.
Until then, have a blessed day.

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