Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Small Step

Do you get discouraged or feel overwhelmed when you see all the need there is in the world? It sometimes seems that nearly every child in the world is being abused, starving and/or homeless. Diseases that should have been eradicated years ago still affect the poor and, of course, there are few countries in the world that are not in the midst of some sort of strife.
I decided long ago that I neither have the high profile or income to make a difference in a large way but I can do little things. I can say something pleasant to a store clerk who just had to deal with an unreasonable customer. I can say thank you. I can smile at a child, hold the door for a parent struggling with children and parcels, I can try to be patient with those who need more time to do something. These are just little things but I believe that it is often the little things that have the biggest impact. I don't remember to act this way all the time. Sometimes, I am the one that needs the kindness and, when I get it, I try to show my appreciation.
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a Small Steps Project. Members would agree to do at least one thoughtful thing a day. They would also agree to not do that just when it is easiest. They would look for the individual that no-one notices and smile at them. They would encourage the one who does not meet societies standard of lovable, or nice or clean or pretty or the right weight or....
I would love to hear your thoughts or how you deal with the issue of the world's need. Leave a comment or send me an e mail @arkangelcreations@gmail.com

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