Monday, September 21, 2009


I hope you had a nice weekend. The weather in our part of the country is still quite nice although it was cooler on Saturday and we had some fog. We had a busy weekend. On Saturday, we left the house before eight a.m. for a visit with my nephew and his family. Our young great neice had just celebrated her fourth birthday and we wanted to extend her special time just a few days more. The scenery was beautiful as we drove from our home to the highway and I regretted not bringing my camera. The sun was breaking through the mist and everything had a soft, dreamy-like quality.
We got to our destination on schedule and had a lovely visit. It is such a joy watching a young family and being part of their activity even if it is only for a day. The four adults and two little ones (and our dog) went for a walk along a secluded woodsy trail that led to a park and then spent some time kicking a soccer ball and watching the children play. After lunch and opening of presents, it was time for us to go. We had more stops to make before driving home although we hated to have to leave so quickly. These relatives are the only ones with young children from my side of the family that live in Canada so we try to see them as often as possible. I think it is important that the little ones know they are part of an extended family and, of course, we love watching them grow. They are lovely children and special to their great auntie.
Today, I am off to my quilt group. I hope to have a free pattern for you tomorrow. Have a blessed day.

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