Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Geese Have Landed

I am running a bit behind today. We sat up last night to watch America's Got Talent and then, of course, I couldn't sleep. We had to go into the city today to do some shopping (half price sale on at Fabricland) and didn't get home until mid afternoon.
It seems that every day that are changes; most of them small but significant indications of the coming of winter. Today, we passed a field dotted with dozens of Canada Geese. I haven't heard any passing overhead so I imagine this group was just checking out a new lunch spot. Hunting season starts soon so they might want to make themselves less visible. We would welcome them on our pond at the back of the property.
Just after we came home, a couple of women walked up our lane headed for the trail that is on the acerage adjoining ours. The folk that own it had asked for permission to access it from our place as we have a bridge that goes across the ponds and, as we were happy give it, our dog gets fussed over by visitors at least once a week. We also walk the trail and Roger has been given permission to hunt on the property.
I love this co-operation amongst neighbours. Roger is such an outgoing person that someone coming by for some reason is an almost daily occurance. As I write this, our next door neighbour's father just went by on a quad. The neighbour has a trail which joins up to our property (and which we use for skiing) and when they have company, we sometimes see their quad crawl past with a nervous but grinning driver on board.
Not exactly Grand Central Square here in the Gnome Forest, but a far cry from isolated country living.

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